Let’s Go Questing!

What is a Quest?

Delia Clark, who is an author, facilitator, trainer, speaker (and this just scratches the surface of the multitude of gifts she has), describes it like this: Quests are playful and informative installed treasure hunts that encourage people, young and old, to actively explore the natural and cultural heritage of special places, make exciting discoveries, build strong connections, and become stewards in the process.

Teachers and A.T. Communities are beginning to see the value in creating Quests for visitors and locals to discover the landscape , history and culture in their place.  Here are ones we have so far:

Front Royal and Warren County have created 5 Quests, called Quest Shenandoah!
Hot Springs , NC Discover Quest
Purcellville, VA Old Town Quest

We’ll be adding these as they come about to the individual webpages on ATC’s website, as well as on our Trail To Every Classroom Blog, and probably on this site too – if I get my blogging skills in line:)

A Quest in the making: at Grayson Highlands State Park, photo by Jan Onan

If you are interested in learning how Questing can be used as an attractive tool for building family, school, and hiker engagement in the Appalachian Trail, then come to Delia’s presentation and workshop in Cullowhee, NC next summer as part of ATC’s Biennial Conference – an event not to miss!  And if you do have to miss it, and want to dive right into questing – check out her book on the matter: Questing: A Guide To Creating Community Treasure Hunts or there are some great examples of others on her co-author’s website: http://www.poeticsofplace.org/quests.htm

Hope to see you out-a-questing on the Trail!


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