Unicoi County Ambassador – The Good Life!

Rob Martin A.T. Community Ambassador on the Trail above Uncle Johnny’s looking down on the Nolichucky Gorge

Enjoying where I live! Half of Unicoi County – some 60,000 acres – lies in the Cherokee National Forest, and that includes miles of gorgeous hiking trails. Our 100 year old river rock home sits in a place called “The Valley Beautiful” with 360 degree views of the Appalachian Mountains. Our house is a former industrial building built from big round smooth rocks hauled 4 miles from the Nolichucky River – a Class IV whitewater stretch I run in my Tomcat hypalon whitewater kayak. I can put on my pack, grab my hiking sticks, head out my door and walk down the lanes in our town for a mile to a forest department road that winds 2 more miles up the mountain and ends up on the Appalachian Trail right at the Curly Maple Gap shelter. Spring is here – don’t care if its a bit chilly. I’m heading out on the Trail this weekend. – Post by Rob Martin, Community Ambassador to Unicoi County, TN


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