AT Coming to Theaters!

NC_Franklin_FlyerThe film Appalachian Impressions will be hitting theaters this fall as part of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC)’s 2013 membership drive.  Special programs will take place in fifteen cities, five A.T. Communities, along the east coast from CT to FL.

“The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is excited to present this film on the big screen,” stated Javier Folgar, director of marketing and communications of the ATC.  “This event provides the public an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Appalachian Trail and how to get involved with the Conservancy through our membership and volunteer programs.  Every dollar raised will help preserve and manage the A.T. – ensuring that its vast natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage can be shared and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for centuries to come.  ”

The film highlights the beauty and splendor of the AT . Appalachian Impressions takes viewers on a 6 month journey of thrills and trials through 14 states on the AT from Georgia to Maine.  Franklin residents, Bill and Sharon Van Horn, who have been section hiking the AT for the past several years have just completed their adventure in September of this year.  The couple had this to say about their experience, “Our journey was challenging and very rewarding at the same time, especially meeting hikers and visiting the Trail Towns.”  They will be greeting attendees in the lobby prior to the program.

Nantahala Hiking Club members, Bill and Sharon Van Horn
successfully section-hiked the entire AT, completing the multi- year journey in Sept 2013, joyful at Mt. Katahdin, the Northern Terminus in Maine.

Franklin NC’s program will be packed with displays, hiking information, avid hikers, speakers, the film, raffle items and refreshments.  Many local businesses and organizations have contributed toward the effort.  Lennie Bernstein, an ATC Board Member, who also volunteers to protect and maintain the Trail will speak briefly about the organization. “Our goal is simple: to raise awareness of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) and to gain the support of 2,180 new members to the ATC (one for each mile of the Trail). Every dollar raised will help preserve and manage the A.T.  That is why we are inviting people, like you, to participate,” sites Bernstein.

Prizes such as water bottles, hats, and an ENO Hammock will also be awarded throughout the event.

Event highlights include: viewing the film Appalachian Impressions on the big screen, meeting “2,000 milers”,a  one year Membership or Gift Membership to the ATC ($40 value),free admission for kids (13 and under, must book online with paying adult), a year subscription to A.T. Journeys, the official magazine of the Appalachian Trail; win cool prizes; make new friends in the Outdoor and Hiking Community; receive an ATC decal and patch; protect an irreplaceable treasure: the Appalachian Trail. 

amy allen photo
Author, Amy Allen will speak of her 2006 Appalachian Trail experiences. Signed copies of her book, Summoning the Mountains, will be available for purchase before and after the program.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear Amy Allen author of Summoning the Mountains, who at the age of forty thru hiked the 2,180-mile AT in 2006.  Amy has been a backpacker for over 28 years.  Allen was a founding member of a community wilderness program whose goal was to foster a holistic relationship between today’s families and the outdoor classroom.  She continues long-distance hiking and has completed Black Mountain Crest Trail, Foothills Trail and parts of Benton MacKaye Trail.

Summoning the Mts book cover medium size
Summoning the Mountains

One of Amy’s favorite quotes from her book is,

“Walking the backbone of these mountains calls to mind that this ancient ravaged place is a fold in the earth’s surface, a fold created when geological pressures crushed the continental plates together millennia ago.  A fold.  A place of great change.  Fierce winds accompany me along this mountain apex of potential–wind, omnipotent agent of change. Acceptance and peace wash over me. Quietly, I walk.”

More about the author can be found at

The ATC membership drive event takes place at the newly opened Drake Educational Center,  210 Phillips Street (Carolina Mt), Franklin, NC October 18, 2013 from 7:00pm – 9:30pm (refreshments at 6:30pm).

Registration includes a new membership or gift membership to the ATC..  Tickets are available online and can be purchased for $30.00 per adults; reserve seats by visiting .  Local AT Community Ambassador, Mary Bennett, encourages interested attendees, “To enter the discount promotional code: FRANKLIN2013, to receive $5 off each ticket cost.  Families may book a free seat for children under 13 years of age (limit 3)  To reserve your seat or for more information visit

For more information for Franklin’s event: Contact Mary Bennett, AT Ambassador, at (828) 369-0421



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