Save the Date: November 6th “The Climb to Katahdin” film screening

The Norwich screening is sponsored by the Green Mountain Club, whose staff and volunteers maintain the Appalachian Trail throughout Vermont, including here in the Upper Valley. GMC, founder of Vermont’s Long Trail in 1910, also maintains the Long Trail System’s 272 miles of main trail 175 miles of side trails, almost 70 shelters, and a new trail in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Reviews of The Climb to Katahdin:

Joshua Meeks, News Producer at Baton Rouge’s WAFB, says “The Climb to Katahdin is a compelling story of a young couple taking their longest journey together. Incredible visuals of the stunning Appalachian Trail drive this documentary about perseverance, friendship, and the bond of the trail. Insightful, honest, and inspirational is the story of Coltin, Lindsay, and their four-legged companion, Chaser as they tackle the 6-month journey north. While the subject of the Appalachian Trail is certainly nothing new, the Climb to Katahdin offers a vibrantly fresh take on the adventure through America.”

“The honesty of the film makes it a true ambassador to the hiking community and a must-see for anyone who has ever contemplated hiking the A.T. or any other major trail.” Brandi “Styx” Bowers, A.T. Thruhiker- Class of 2012

Event: “The Climb to Katahdin” film screening
Sponsored by: Green Mountain Club
Date: Wed. Nov. 6, 2013
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Where: Marion Cross School, Norwich VT – Multipurpose room (front entrance)
Parking: On all 3 sides of the Norwich Green/school playground

For information about the November 6 film screening, contact:
Lizann Peyton,, (802) 737-3544

For information about the film, contact:
Coltin Calloway,, (225) 964-4141

For information about the Green Mountain Club, contact:
Dave Hardy,

Here is a link to the digital copy of the poster for you to share electronically with others or print out:


2 thoughts on “Save the Date: November 6th “The Climb to Katahdin” film screening

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