Recently Heard on the Trail…

I have spent the past 26 years hiking the Appalachian Trail. I took one year off for my 25th wedding anniversary… In those 25 years I have traveled over 20,680 miles getting to the different sections of the A.T. I have tracked the miles but not the expense. I think it was worth it.

I would just like to make known that we might only represent 20% of the 2000-milers but we probably incur a much greater percentage of money spent on the trail.

I am an ATC member and will be for the rest of my life. Keep up the good work!

Edward D. Rakowsky
Frackville, PA


While the AT is a magnificent trail, what impressed us most during the five and a half months journey is people. Coming from New Zealand where trails are mostly maintained by government’s Department of Conservation, we were amazed to find the over 2,000 miles of trail completely maintained by volunteers to a very high standard! We were overwhelmed by the kindness of trail angels, people in the mountain towns along the trail who picked us up, sent us to the trailhead and received us with warmth. In short, our biggest reward for hiking the AT is to get to know American people, the ordinary American people.

Ian Song, Queenstown, New Zealand, ATC member