Economic Impacts:

Over 2 million people visit some part of the A.T. every year, providing

•$125 – 168 million annual spending and
• $27 million spending in local communities
according to recent research
(J.M. Bowker, S.J. Zarnoch, H. Ken Cordell – USDA FS; Neelam Poudyal, Gary Green – UGA; Matt Owens – GA DNR)

Economic Impact of long distance trails:
Create jobs,

Enhance property values,

Expand local businesses, attract new or relocating businesses,

Increase local tax revenues,

Decrease local government expenditures

Program and Designation Benefits:

  • National designation network and communication
  • Recognition and visibility through signage, press releases, ATC’s Web site, databook, ALDHA companion and A.T. Journeys Magazine
  • Local library donations
  • Enhanced partnerships with public land agencies and volunteers
  • Trail-friendly promotion through ATC-assisted marketing techniques
  • Teacher eligibility for an ATC place-based education and service-learning program (priority given to TTEC applicants from A.T. Communities)
  • Community support for local planning initiatives
  • Providing grant assistance where available
  • Workshops and Webinar trainings

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