How the A.T. Benefits Communities

Protecting Natural Resources
vital habitat corridors, species diversity,  ecosystem services that citizens depend on such as watershed, air quality, foodsheds and even medicine
Ecosystem Benefits: Ecosystems that the Trail protects in its corridor have many resources that human communities depend on such as clean air and water, fertile soils, habitat for fisheries, food and medicine. In this region, they also include preventing soil erosion on steep slopes and stream banks, providing flood control as well as removing pollutants from the air. Absorbing the Contaminants on Surface Runoff, and Trees and Shrubs,• Buffering the Negative Effects of Development,• Mitigating Noise, Water, Thermal and Air Pollution, and;• Controlling Property Damage Due to Flooding.
Protecting Rural Character and Place
ridgelines, river corridors, visual relief by framing neighborhoods in the face of sprawl,  preserving farmland (e.g. in PA)
Healthier lifestyles
encouraging hiking, walking, jogging from a close location, positive life-long exercise and experience, free!
citizen scientists, outdoor classrooms, experiential learning, teaching stewardship
Enhanced quality of life for residents

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